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​Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Team is led by Dr. Andria Saia, Executive Director.

Administrative Team Services

  • Consultation Services via phone/ email - Provides accurate, timely responses to questions or concerns; provides guidance or referrals to other professionals as requested
  • Information Dissemination - Shares pertinent, accurate and timely information from PDE and other agencies, organizations and individuals in an effort to keep superintendents informed
  • Legislative Liaison - Makes legislative information available; represents the CAIU in various forums influencing legislation; maintains a working relationship with the Secretary of Education, State Board, PSBA, PASA, Legislators; creates opportunities for superintendents to meet with legislators
  • New Superintendents’ Induction Series - Coordinates meaningful opportunities for new superintendents to learn from experienced superintendents
  • Superintendents’ Advisory Council - Plans and facilitates monthly meetings for superintendents which include appropriate agenda items and encourage participation and discussion
  • Superintendents’ Leadership Conferences - Collaboratively plans and facilitates spring and fall leadership conferences that meet the superintendents’ needs and move the CAIU region forward in achieving shared goals

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Andria Saia
Executive Director
(717) 732-8488