Curriculum Services

​Program and Grant Evaluation

The CAIU Program and Grant Evaluation Services (PAGES) Team provides local, regional, and statewide service to districts and other educational agencies for program and grant evaluations, research and data analysis, and survey services. We provide evaluation and support in a variety of capacities including data collection and analysis, presentations and professional development workshops, assessment design, and survey services and analysis.

Program Evaluation

Program monitoring and evaluation helps to answer questions about the quality and effectiveness of educational programs and services. Program Evaluation and Data Specialists examine program development, implementation, and documents on district/school, consortium, and state levels. The analysis can guide mid-program or renewal modifications as well as fulfilling reporting requirements. The process may include collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, documenting program and support implementations, conducting site visits and focus groups, interviewing stakeholders, preparing final evaluation reports, and making recommendations for program improvement.

Grant Evaluation

Funding agencies often require applicants to provide a plan to evaluate grant outcomes. The team works with educational entities to design the evaluation component of applications so that the grant proposal meets the needs of both the funding agency and grantee. In addition, the team is equipped to implement the evaluation plans of any grant award.

Research and Data Analysis

Specific projects may require background research and data analysis. Program Evaluation and Data Specialists can assist in the research and data analysis process required by specific grants or program studies when an organization wishes to conduct their own evaluation report.


Surveys are an important tool in conducting needs assessments and collecting data from a group of people when evaluating the content of a professional development session or perceptual data. Program Evaluation and Data Specialists assist in survey development, scanning, and reporting of results for analysis in informed decision-making.

Individual Student Evaluations

The Program and Grant Evaluation Services Team focuses on programs and grants targeted to groups of students. If you are seeking information requesting individual student evaluations or student advocacy/support, please contact one of the following people.

  • For school-age students in a public school setting, contact Vickie Armstrong at ext. 8512
  • For school-age students in a non-public school setting, contact Lisa Klingler at ext. 8041
  • For preschool age students, contact Eric Bostick at ext. 8619

Per Project

For additional information, please contact:

Susan Voigt
Educational Services Supervisor, Program and Grant Evaluations

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8073

Hillary Williams
Program Assistant

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8530