Schools & Districts

Human Resources & Communication Services

The Human Resources & Communication Teams strive to provide excellent service not only to our staff and employees, but to our school districts as well.

Consultation Services Via Phone/Email

  • Provides accurate, timely responses to questions or concerns; provides guidance or referrals to other professionals as requested. By district request.

Contract/Agreement Repository

  • The CAIU acts as a repository for copies of member district bargaining and Act 93 agreements, as provided by the districts.

HR Advisory Council

  • The CAIU organizes quarterly meetings of our districts’ HR personnel to discuss pertinent HR issues and information from PDE and other agencies, organizations, and individuals in an effort to keep our school districts informed.

Information Dissemination

  • Provides informational updates via email or other written correspondence regarding changes occurring in the HR field. By district request.

Dr. Thomas Calvecchio
Assistant Executive Director