Class Placement Services

Capital Area Therapeutic Educational Services

The Capital Area Therapeutic Educational Services (CATES) Program provides individual and group counseling opportunities within the context of an emotional support educational placement. The primary goal of the CATES program is to provide educational and therapeutic support services, connecting with professionals who can address the student's cognitive, emotional and behavioral struggles, increase his or her functional daily living skills, and ultimately, facilitate the return to a less restrictive, appropriate educational placement in the home school district.  The program is designed to capitalize on the student's strengths and potential in order to enhance their functioning in the home, school and community. 

The core program team is comprised of a Teacher, Mental Health Treatment Specialist, access to a Mental Health Worker and/or Paraprofessional, and other Related Services Personnel. Contracted psychiatrists also serve as part of the core team in a consultative nature to provide supports to the mental health and educational team members. If psychiatric consultation is not available on-site, the program will work with agencies to support families in establishing or maintaining their psychiatric care with outside providers whenever possible and appropriate.
For additional information, please contact:

Dr. John Thompson

(717)732- 8400, Ext. 8554