Consultative Services
Referral Information

​Blind and Visually Impaired Services

The CAIU employs 5 Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI), two of whom are also dually certified as Orientation and Mobility Specialists. The staff serves 150 - 200 students each year with an annual average of 70 additional students assessed for service.

Referral Assessment

Assessment is available to determine eligibility for enrollment as a student with blindness or visual impairment.

  • Assessments are conducted for students ages 3 - 21  
  • Acquisition of an eye specialist report 
  • Determination of the appropriate reading medium, including a learning media assessment (LMA)
  • Consultation with current teaching staff 
  • Consultation with students and parents
  • Written report including sources of information and recommendations 


  • Kindergarten registration screening, conducted on-site according to the district’s schedule, using state health standards 
  • Assistance with mandated nurse's vision screenings for students who are difficult to test 
  • Reports provided to school nurses to be included in annual health records 
  • To determine need for additional assessment

Individual Instruction

  • Braille reading and writing with integration of Braille into the curriculum using the appropriate Braille code, including literary, math, music, foreign language, and computer
  • Adapted materials for tactile or visual learners 
  • Expanded Core Curriculum for Visually Impaired Students that includes any of the following: Independent Living, Recreation & Leisure, Self-determination, Transition to Adult Life, Social Interaction, Technology, Visual Efficiency, and use of Compensatory Skills due to limited vision 
  • High and low technology and/or adapted software
  • Use of adapted materials for tactile or visual learners
  • Ongoing Learning Media Assessment 
  • Provision of unique classroom supplies and equipment for short-term use
  • Temporary loan of recommended equipment, technology, and/or software 

Materials Preparation

  • Advance material adaptations per needs of the student for participation in any curriculum; hardware and/or software modifications, and PSSA/PASA coordination and administration. 
  • Acquisition of all materials within a 5-day turn-around, including audio, large print, Braille, tests, quizzes, books, and/or worksheets, to meet the requirements of the law

Support to School Personnel/Consultation

  • Consultation with IEP teams regarding special needs for visually impaired
  • Advance planning and supports to maximize participation in appropriate curricula and transition planning 
  • Staff development
  • Consultation regarding physical education adaptations and modifications 

Orientation & Mobility

  • Certified O&M Specialists available to assess and provide direct service to identified students of any age
  • Assessment and service can address concept development related to travel skills in various environments, cane use, low vision devices, movement needs, transportation skills, and skills toward adult independence

Case Management

  • Assist districts in managing services for students with visual impairments

American Printing House Annual Registration Report

  • Facilitate the annual Federal census for persons who are legally blind
  • Meet federal records requirements

Deaf Blind Census

  • Census report compiled and submitted to the state as courtesy to districts that purchase services

Dr. Timothy Dorsey
Supervisor - Special Education

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8614