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Transition Support

The Transition Support Program of the Capital Area Intermediate Unit provides students with opportunities that will expand their knowledge of employment and develop corresponding skills and behaviors. Such opportunities increase the likelihood that individuals will experience some of the many benefits of employment in their adult lives. For a person with disabilities, the opportunity to practice skills and behaviors in a training environment or to enter the working world while still receiving training and support is a building block for their future. Since secondary transition planning is an entitlement, it is important to prepare students for employment while they are still in school. Based on authentic assessments, CAIU vocational staff will provide present level information to be used to determine post secondary transition goals. Program support staff can consult with classroom teachers and provide guided practice helping them to meet the requirements of Indicator 13.

The scope of our services include:

  •    Classroom and Program Consultation
  •    Authentic Vocational Assessments
  •    Community Based Vocational Instruction
  •    Competitive Employment Training
  •    Independent Living Skills Training
  •    Travel Training
For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Andrew McCrea
Director of Student Services
(717)732-8400, Ext. 8313