Itinerant Special Education Services

Audiological Services

Audiological diagnostic, treatment, and consultative services are available to individuals from three to 21 years of age. The audiologist holds a Doctor of Audiology Degree, state license, and national certification.

The Audiological test facility is located at the CAIU office in Enola. An audiologist performs services both at Enola and at school locations.

What we do:
  • Audiological Evaluations/Re-evaluations
  • Otoacoustic Emissions Tests
  • Central Auditory Processing Evaluations
  • Amplification Evaluations (for FM Assistive Listening Device)
  • Participate in ER/IEP Process
  • Puretone/Impedance Tests (Follow-up to Screening)
  • Classroom Observation/Consultation
  • Teacher Orientation
  • Student Orientation
  • Class Orientation
  • Hearing Aid/FM Assistive Listening Device Loaner
  • Provide Technical Assistance (Assistive Devices, Audiometers)
  • Provide In-service (Hearing Topics)
For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Timothy Dorsey
Supervisor - Special Education

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8614