Itinerant Special Education Services

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

Occupational therapy and physical therapy are related services that are provided to students as identified on an IEP or services agreement. The primary focus of this program is to provide services that will help the student benefit from an appropriate special education program or regular education program through compensations for sensory and gross or fine motor deficits. The therapist evaluates the student within the school setting or typical environment and develops recommendations addressing the OT and/or PT concerns with the educational program recommendations. Services promote the development of fine motor dexterity & coordination, visual motor skills, self-regulation, gross motor skills balance, strength and coordination, postural stability and control, appropriate positioning and mobility, independence in daily activities, and improved quality of movement.

Program features may include:

  • Individual or small group therapy
  • Ongoing support for students through the integration of OT/PT services to generalize skills
  • Consultative services to teachers, classroom aides and parents
  • Inservice training for staff
  • Preparation of specialized materials for student’s use
For additional information, please contact:

Katherine Gottlieb
(717)732- 8400, Ext. 8543