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AM2AgendaManager is an online meeting management solution, designed to be flexible and intuitive to efficiently create and disseminate agendas and minutes.

All meetings and agendas are in a central management system so everyone can easily find the most current agenda or minutes. The most popular use is for board meetings. However, this solution works perfectly with all meetings such as faculty meetings, department meetings, athletic meetings, etc. Integrating a paperless solution will enable your organization to increase collaboration and communication.

For a free 90-day trial of AgendaManager, click here.


  • Ability to easily add supporting documents as an attachment to agenda items
  • Meeting agenda templates for meetings that have the same agenda items
  • Easily reorganize agenda items and sub-items with drag and drop and auto-renumbering
  • Specify time that an agenda becomes visible to the public – such as 24 hours before a meeting
  • Group creation so members only see agendas within their own group
  • Highly skilled helpdesk support
  • Annual training to ensure success of implementation
  • Confidentiality of data on our high-speed network
  • Control your own user and group creation
  • Private notes for meeting attendees
  • Online minute taking
For additional information, please contact:

Rocky Brent
Account Manager
(717) 732-8400 x8430