Application Services

Application Development

The CAIU’s Application Development Team offers a full range of desktop and Web development services. Our staff is experienced in creating new applications and customizing existing applications to meet users' unique needs. Our experienced staff specializes in creating a custom Web experience for you and your users, whether it is a new Web site or a new Web application.

Our Projects Include:

  • 48 CARATS - Web application registration system that was written internally for the CAIU.  Education entities throughout the state can use 48 CARATS to register for training sessions.
  • AgendaManager - Meeting management web applicant system--agenda, record voting, record attendance, other paperless meeting features
  • Central Referral (CR) - A desktop application used by the CAIU’s Student Services team to track student referrals, student services, teacher time logs, and generate service related billing.
  • Comprehensive Planning (CP) - The Comprehensive Planning (CP) tool is a web-based framework for district strategic planning.
  • Counselor Time Tracker (CTT) - Non-public school counselors use CTT to track sessions/time of the students they see.
  • Pennsylvania Institute for Instructional Coaching-Mentor Activity Journal (PIIC-MAJ) - Web application that allows mentors to submit time logs and expenses and well as journal entries. Gives Admins the ability to approve/deny these items and pull reports to send to entities that are giving money for the program.
  • Student Progress Tracker (SPT) - Web application used by the CAIU’s ANPS staff to track student related math and reading services, teacher schedules, and student attendance.
  • Website Development:
For additional information, please contact:

Joseph Gallucci
Technology Application Supervisor

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8424