Technology Integration


Apps for Education

Whether you need an introduction to Google Apps for Education or a deeper look at the tools and resources available, this session can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Laptop or Chromebook required for session.


What is a Chromebook? How is it different from a PC? A laptop? This half-day session will cover all the basics of getting a Chromebook, establishing user accounts, customizing and using in a classroom setting. Let us help you with your  district’s Chromebook deployment. Chromebook required for session.


This workshop will take attendees through the basics of Google Classroom (setting up classes, the various kinds of assignments, and inviting students to class) to the advanced (reusing posts, archiving classes, etc.) This session can be run in a single half day session or with hands on time after the introduction and before the advanced portion of the course. Laptop or Chromebook required for session.

Collaborating with Google Docs

This session focuses understanding how to collaborate on a google doc in the classroom.  Features like comments, suggesting mode, best practices when organizing content on a google doc, sharing a document, and exploring a few add-ons will be covered in the session. 

Google Drive Management

Google Drive is a powerful tool for enabling you to share Docs and files with other users within the school, the district, or people outside of your organization. The collaboration features that Drive provides can be truly transformative for an organization by driving innovation and creativity.  Topics like best practices, importing documents, organizing, naming conventions, and advanced searches will be discussed.

Google Forms

Understanding and utilizing the power and efficiency of Google Forms can go a long way. Google Forms allows you can to create free, online surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registration forms, and many more data collection tools. Learn how to create forms with many types of questions, share forms with others, collect data, and analyze and use the results.