Network Services


If your LEA is looking for a way to communicate with the community, an email list (listserve) could be the solution. Listserves are a fast and flexible way to send time-sensitive information to a large number of subscribers.  Essentially, a listserve is a distribution list that can be private or open so that anyone can join. Members can email everyone on the list by sending an email to a single email address. All communication can be archived and searched at a later date. The lists can be set as announcement only type lists or allow listserve members the capability of emailing to the list.

The capital area intermediate unit purchased the lsoft listserve software and uses it internally for mailing lists. Lea’s have the option to purchase mailing lists from the CAIU. CAIU will host and configure the list, provide assistance to list owners or subscribers and manage the list archives.

Lea’s can choose their list name and description and the email address will be


$500 annually per mailing list

For additional information, please contact:

Joy Forry
Administrative Assistant

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8476