​Students & Families

Students & ​Families

students and families istockThe Student Services Team provides expertise and leadership in the development, coordination, and delivery of a diverse array of quality educational services and programs. 

Many of the team’s activities focus on providing special education services for preschool and school age children with disabilities, ages three through 21. These needs are met through service options including, but not limited to, Preschool-Early Intervention Program, district and IU-based special education classrooms, and itinerant special education services. The team also provides assessment and direct services in multiple areas, such as speech and language, including assistive technology and augmentative communication, occupational therapy, physical therapy, audiology, blind and visual impairment, deaf and hard of hearing, psychological and psychiatric services, as well as secondary transition.  Educational consultants are available to provide consultative support in a variety of areas including the special education process, disability specific content, and staff development.