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Volunteering at CAIU

Individuals interested in volunteering in a volunteersCAIU classroom and/or program or at a CAIU event should contact the Supervisor responsible for that classroom/program/event. Please note, CAIU Supervisors have full discretion as to whom to allow to volunteer in their classrooms/programs.

All volunteers must complete the following documentation prior to volunteering:

Note: Volunteer clearances can only be obtained for free every five (5) years and cannot be used for employment purposes with a PA school district. 

Volunteers are also responsible for reading and adhering to CAIU Board Policy 916, Volunteers.

Volunteers that remain with the CAIU from year to year must complete the Volunteer Information Form and PDE Form 6004 annually. The CAIU reserves the right to request updated clearances and/or TB test at any time.

When completed, documentation should be given to the Supervisor of the program in which you would like to volunteer. Please wait and submit all documentation to the Supervisor at one time. The HR team will then contact you to let you know your status.

As required by Act 126 of 2012, all volunteers must attend Mandated Reporter training.  This training must then be obtained every five (5) years.  Volunteers should work with the designated program supervisor to ensure this requirement is met.