Food Services

Cafeteria Procedures

Lunch Periods:

All students will transition to the cafeteria with their class during their assigned lunch period.  Lunch periods are twenty (20) minutes long.

Packed Lunches from Home:

The Hill Top Academy (HTA) cafeteria provides students with a variety of nutritious options every day.  If your child brings his or her lunch from home, please try to ensure that it is comprised of nutritionally sound choices as we are committed to providing healthy meals.  Beverages brought from home must be in sealed containers.  Opened containers may not be brought into school.  Beverages provided in school include water, 100% fruit juices and milk products along with iced tea and lemonade for 9-12 grades. 

School Delays:

If Hill Top Academy has a delayed start time due to inclement weather or building issues, breakfast will not be served.