Preschool Early Intervention

Speech Therapy Services

Eligible children can receive a variety of therapies in order to improve or enhance their development. Therapies may include speech and language, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and play therapy. The amount and duration of these services is determined in the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Speech/Language Therapy: Based on the individualized needs of the child as identified within the child’s IEP, speech/language services are offered through a variety of service delivery models by a Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP). Examples include:

  • Consultative services: The SLP consults with early intervention personnel to assist them in implementing specially designed instruction related to speech/language development.
  • Indirect fluency model: This model contains both a parent fluency group training component and a child/parent/clinician intervention. The SLP provides information for parents in a group format regarding dysfluent behaviors and strategies for parent use at home. The SLP works directly with the parent and child to model fluency facilitating strategies and offer suggestions to parents on techniques implemented since the previous parent fluency training.
  • Communication group model: The communication group model provides opportunities for practice of communication skills within activities associated with a preschooler’s daily routine; i.e. snack, craft, play, story, etc.  A SLP and educational paraprofessional staff each communication group.  A variety of communication groups offer services for a variety of communication disorders, including articulation, language, social language and motor planning needs.
  • Small group instruction: The SLP provides therapy in a small group consisting of two children. Opportunities to participate with a peer(s) in practicing speech/language targets are integral to this model.
  • Individual speech/language instruction: The SLP provides direct one-on-one therapy in pull-out sessions and /or within a specialized preschool setting or typical early childhood environment.
  • Hanen More Than Words: A Hanen-certified SLP provides a parent training model to facilitate communication in children with a diagnosis of autism. This model combines a series of eight 2-hour evening parent trainings with two home visits.