Class Placement Services

Capital Area Mental-health Program

The Capital Area Mental-health Program (CAMhP) provides intensive individual and group counseling opportunities within the context of an emotional support educational placement. The primary goal of the CAMhP is to provide significant mental health treatment within an educational setting. The therapeutic services are provided by licensed social workers and psychologists trained in several modalities including but not limited to; trauma therapy, cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness. The program can be utilized to help students exiting a Residential Treatment Facility for inpatient hospitalization or prior to the student attending one of these facilities. CAMhP will also work with school districts to facilitate referrals to any case management services that a student may be in need of, above and beyond what is provided in the program. The students served typically have cognitive, emotional, and/or behavioral needs that are chronic and complex in nature, typically involving multiple spheres that include developmental, biological, social and family components that interfere with their ability to function in a more typical regular or special education environment.
For additional information, please contact:

Keith Watson
(717)732-8400, Ext. 8376