Class Placement Services

Emotional Support

Students are referred to the emotional support program because their emotional and behavioral needs interfere with their ability to successfully benefit from academic instruction. CAIU schools provide a school environment that fosters the development of appropriate social skills including conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, decision making, and anger and stress management. Instruction in CAIU schools is designed to meet individual needs of the learner and enhance the development of positive coping and interpersonal skills.

Programs Features May Include:

  • Individual and small group instruction
  • Low student to staff ratio
  • Structured classroom environments
  • Opportunities for community based instruction
  • Positive behavioral support plans
  • Social skills instruction
  • Vocational education opportunities for work experience and job coaching
  • Inter-agency collaboration and planning
  • Related services
For additional information, please contact:

Dr. John Thompson

(717)732- 8400, Ext. 8554