School Age Services

​Non-Class Placement Services

In addition to providing class placement services, the CAIU also provides a wide variety of non-class placement services.  There are three categories of services:

Itinerant Special Education Services - Designed to be provided either as a related service or supports to school personnel.  Examples of services in this category include autism support, speech/language support, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and deaf/hard of hearing services.

Consultative Services - Services in this category are designed to provide consultative support to school districts and educational teams. Some of the areas include positive behavior support, special education coaching,  and augmentative communication coaching.

Other School Age Services - This category includes services that are student specific, consultative, and training related. Some examples included Case Management Service, Secondary Transition to adult life, and Safety Care Training.

Detailed information regarding all Non-Class Placement services can be found by following the links below.