Itinerant Special Education Services

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Services

Students with a hearing loss may benefit from the services of a certified teacher of the deaf in conjunction with their special education program or with their program in general education. The support provided is individualized for each student and may emphasize techniques and methods which are intended to improve the student’s understanding, auditory and speech reading skills, study skills, and appropriate use of amplification. The goal is to promote attainment of education objectives outlined in the child’s IEP and to develop interventions that will allow the student to benefit from the educational program.

Itinerant support services can be provided in direct therapy sessions with the student and/or by consultation and collaboration with educational team members. All services are delivered in an integrative fashion in collaboration with the student’s classroom teacher, other educational staff, family, and audiologist. The frequency, extent, and focus of such services are based on recommendations of the multidisciplinary evaluation and determined by the IEP team.

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Timothy Dorsey
Supervisor - Special Education

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8614