Itinerant Special Education Services

​Direct Educational Services

Qualified personnel are available to provide instruction as per the curriculum and/or IEP in the student’s home environment. These services can include coordination of the ER/RR/IEP process, IEP development, and/or facilitation of the transition back to the home school district or CAIU class placement.

Itinerant Instruction

  • Can be provided to support a successful transition for students returning to an educational environment from either Instruction Conducted in the Home or Homebound Instruction.
  • Can be provided to students in a variety of customized settings who require in-depth and intensive educational programming to support specific areas of need as identified by the IEP team.

Instruction Conducted in the Home

  • "Instruction Conducted in the Home" is recognized as a placement option on the continuum of alternative placements for students with disabilities. 
  • The use of instruction conducted in the home is restricted to students whose needs require full-time special education services and programs outside the school setting for the entire day. Ordinarily, these will be students who, because of a severe medical condition or mobility impairment, are unable to leave home to attend school. 
  • For students who receive “Instruction Conducted in the Home”, the CAIU can also provide the related services associated with their IEP(s). Refer to the specific service profile for more information and fees.

Homebound Instruction

  • Homebound Instruction describes the instruction a district may provide when a student has been excused from compulsory attendance due to temporary mental or physical illness or other urgent reasons. 
  • Although Homebound Instruction is not a special education placement option for students with disabilities, there are occasions when a student with a disability may receive Homebound Instruction due to a temporary excusal from compulsory attendance in the same manner as the student's non-disabled peers.

Note: Different from the two services defined above, Home Education refers to “a program conducted by the parent or guardian or such person having legal custody of the child or children.” Home Education, frequently referred to as “home schooling”, is an alternative to compulsory school attendance.

For additional information, please contact:

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