Other School Age Services

Extended School Year Services (ESY)

The CAIU employs multiple certified and qualified staff members who serve students requiring Extended School Year (ESY) services in classrooms, in the community or in other settings. ESY services are Special Education and related services that the IEP team determines are necessary for the continuation of a Free Appropriate Public Education for students with disabilities. Services can be provided in a variety of settings, including a traditional classroom setting in or outside of the home school district and well as in the community.

ESY Services include:

  • Coordination of ESY services for multiple district students
  • Credentialed staff to support students for all needed services 
  • Needed teaching assistants and PCAs for classroom programs or for individual students 
  • Supervision of staff 
  • Scheduling of classroom-based supports and/or related services in multiple locations 
  • Scheduling of individual and/or community-based related services in unique settings, such as: S&L, PT, OT, VI, DHH, vocational training, job coaching, reading services, and other needed services 
  • Coordination of transportation with districts and CAIU contractors 
  • Maintenance of a database with updates on enrollment, attendance, locations, services, progress toward goals, and current documents

Professional development services are also available for district instructional and/or administrative staff on ESY requirements. Sessions can be conducted either during or after school hours.

For additional information, please contact:

Chad Pellman
Program Supervisor

(717)732-8400, Ext. 8504