Other School Age Services

​Psychological Services

The following services can be provided by CAIU school psychologists:

  • Psychological evaluation/reevaluation
  • Specialized evaluation/consultation in the areas of autism, vision and deaf or hard of hearing
  • MDE/IEP participation
  • Teacher consultation (behavioral support issues, family needs, mental health issues, etc.)
  • Behavioral observations of students
  • Counseling (group/individual)
  • Parent conferences
  • Parent consultation (behavior management of child, emotional needs of family/child, evaluation interpretation, etc.)
  • Psychological report generation and preparation
  • Specific expertise with different exceptionalities (including low incidence disciplines), syndromes, medical disorders, techniques, strategies, and special education regulations and standards
  • Inservice/staff development activities
  • Agency liaison/referral involvement where appropriate
  • Expertise with and knowledge of a wide range of diagnostic test materials and evaluation instruments
For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Andrew McCrea
Director of Student Services
(717)732-8400, Ext. 8313