Other School Age Services

​School Health Services

Vison Screening

  • Provided by a Certified School Nurse or Registered Nurse when the district school nurse is unable to complete vision screening due to students’ disability or inability to respond to standard screening tests
  • The Spot Vision hand-held autorefractor is used to measure refraction – the ability of the eye’s optics to clearly focus images onto the retina 
  • Results are generated, interpreted, and documented in the student’s health record 
  • If screening results warrant further evaluation, a recommendation is made for parents to have the child seen by a physician

Building Nursing Services

  • Complete health screenings as required by the state
  • Substitute coverage for a building health room
  • Individual nursing services for a student
For additional information, please contact:

Katherine Gottlieb
(717)732- 8400, Ext. 8543